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JRS Express Services was established in 2019 to meet the special needs of the legal community in Grand Rapids. Our goal was to provide a truly specialized errand service that would meet not only the time sensitive requirements for legal documents but also provide the added value of an errand runner service. With our focus on meeting our clients specific errand request, we developed a service that provided not only rush delivery service but also would obtain signatures, file and wait for documents, pay taxes, register deeds and provide many other errand services.
By choosing JRS Exppress, you can avoid waiting long queues to dispatch your parcel or looking for the best quote or even physical delivery of a parcel to a particular collection station. You can get everything from a single provider. The ordering procedure takes a few minutes and the only thing you have to do is to choose and wait for a courier to arrive! You can also save time by using a convenient function of order copying. Instead, spend more time for the issues important for you or your business.